MackeyRMS Launches Mobile Broker Vote Platform, BrokerBallot

Source: Traders Magazine Online News

MackeyRMS, a provider of highly automated and ultra-mobile research management software, announced the launch of a new product designed to simplify and automate the broker voting process. BrokerBallot is a customizable platform that synthesizes and aggregates broker feedback to create a more streamlined process for modern investment professionals.

For too many firms, the broker vote process is mired in inefficiency. Furthermore, as regulatory demands become more complex, investors are facing additional compliance requirements aimed at increasing transparency around their research activities. BrokerBallot simplifies and modernizes the broker vote process through a cloud-based device-agnostic platform that integrates seamlessly into funds’ existing workflow.

“In recent years, funds with nearly one trillion dollars in aggregate AUM have turned to us to manage their research and improve their workflow,” said Chris Mackey, CEO and Founder. “As the regulatory environment becomes more stringent, and as clients equip themselves for a post-MiFID II world, this is a timely addition to our growing product portfolio. BrokerBallot will not only help our clients streamline their broker vote, but will do so without upending their current framework.”

MackeyRMS’s BrokerBallot is the newest tool in the Company’s suite of highly automated, mobile solutions developed to simplify and streamline the investment research process. A mobile broker vote platform accessible through any device or operating system, BrokerBallot syncs directly with Microsoft Outlook ™ to allow for company-wide broker feedback on a single web-based platform.

About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS ™ is the leading provider of SaaS-based research management software for investment professionals. Highly automated and ultra-portable, MackeyRMS works with users’ existing devices and applications to aggregate and organize research content. For more information, please visit

About BrokerBallot

BrokerBallot ™ is a modern broker vote platform for institutional investors. Cloud-based, secure, device-agnostic, and designed from the ground up for an optimized mobile experience, BrokerBallot streamlines the broker vote process through automation and a high degree of usability. For more information, please visit


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