5 things you should be demanding from your RMS (that you may not have thought of)

Be it the establishment of best practices, organizing content, or otherwise, we often act as a consultative partner for new clients in augmenting their research process. Clients come to us with an expectation that an RMS manages research and nothing more- an idea instilled by legacy solutions and other inflexible providers without much experience in the space. But, YOUR RMS should offer more. Shouldn’t your system of books and records contain vital internal information from across the spectrum of resources that are used in the research process? Maybe it’s time that RMS users begin demanding more. They can start here.

  1. Analysts on the buy-side are always talking to their sell side coverage and leveraging those relationships to paint the mosaic of their investment idea. Shouldn’t the analyst have an efficient means of logging those interactions, of associating content with those contacts, and be able to get insight on the quality their sell-side coverage? To that end, expert networks too, have become an integral part of the investment research process. Logging who you have spoken to, when, and what about, is an essential function that an investment professional needs to be able to access and refer to on demand.

  2. An RMS should be flexible enough to build out custom reports and record keeping processes for your firm. For instance, keeping track of consultants, data providers, and vendors can be a time draining process. What internal processes do you have that can be re-imagined using the tagging and search-ability tools of an RMS?

  3. Compliance officers should love your RMS. Compliance Officers need to be able to take ownership of important notes, emails, files, and interactions going on in the firm. Your RMS should offer them audit tools, activity reports, and anything else that they want to see with the click of a mouse. Nothing should be buried, everything should be easily discoverable.

  4. The modern analyst is mobile. Traveling to conferences, on the road meeting with company management, or just on the go, analysts need to be able to easily produce, publish, and consume research whether at their desk or not. Any solution whose mobile functionality does not match that of their desktop based version should not make the cut.

  5. Encompassing all of the above, the process needs to be automated. We live in an age where cars can drive themselves- an RMS should at least be able to categorize content correctly and automatically! Your RMS needs to be dynamic enough that analysts can focus on their research, instead of manually filing content and worrying about administrative tasks.

MackeyRMS is the most mobile, automated RMS on the market. The leader in the “next-gen” RMS space, the flexibility and scalability of the platform is what makes the largest buy-side firms come to us first for their RMS needs. In upcoming blog posts, we will evaluate use cases of each of the above five demands, how MackeyRMS has already tackled these challenges, and show how our experience can improve your firm’s process.


Michael Axelrod
Customer Success Manager
(646) 838-0003