5 things you should be demanding from your RMS (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote:

“Analysts on the buy-side are always talking to their sell side coverage and leveraging those relationships to paint the mosaic of their investment idea. Shouldn’t the analyst have an efficient means of logging those interactions, of associating content with those contacts, and be able to get insight on the quality their sell-side coverage?… Logs of whom they have spoken to, when, and what about, is an essential function that an investment professional needs to be able to access and refer to on demand.”

What follows is an evaluation of a new-age CRM, geared for the investment professional.


  1. Traditional CRMs are too time-consuming for the modern analyst. Rightfully, analysts are occupied with staying on top of their coverage, not with maintaining a clunky CRM that is not designed for the investment research workflow. Further, traditional CRMs do not seamlessly incorporate the full depiction of research done, resulting in wasted time and effort digging through different sources of information to connect the dots.

  2. The modern analyst is always on the go. Whether on the road, at a conference, or otherwise, analysts are not always at their desks, and service providers need to accommodate. When John Smith from XYZ Securities walks up to the analyst at an industry event and wants to continue the chat they had 6 months ago, a means to recall that information while mobile is essential.

  3. An orderly, updated relationship management tool for Compliance professionals to refer to is crucial. In a world where regulatory and compliance concerns have taken center stage, Compliance Officers need an effective way to track interactions with individuals outside of the firm. Imagine for a moment that John Smith comes under investigation for distributing insider information on ABC & Co. With an effective Relationship Management tool, Compliance Officers can look up all interactions had with John, determine if he contributed anything on ABC & Co., when, and the context- all at the snap of a finger.

  4. The modern analyst needs a user interface that makes sense. They need a relationship management tool with efficient search capabilities that will find “a needle in a haystack” in a matter of seconds. Analysts should be able to take as wide or as narrow of a view of their contacts with just a few clicks. The key to a successful relationship management tool for Investment Managers, is that it has to connect the content they care about, with the contacts they leverage, with minimal effort. MackeyRMS automatically matches notes and files with applicable contacts by searching for relevant names, emails, phone numbers, and more. Our automated approach makes for a more complete, real-time lens into your interactions, and can provide a much needed boost for broker vote and compliance operations. Once in the system, you can search for content by contact, employer, and more. Accessing research content based on relationships has never been easier.

MackeyRMS is the most mobile, automated RMS on the market. The leader in the “next-gen” RMS space, the flexibility and scalability of the platform is what makes the largest buy-side firms come to us first for their RMS needs. In upcoming blog posts, we will evaluate use cases of each of the above five demands, how MackeyRMS has already tackled these challenges, and show how our experience can improve your firm’s process.


Michael Axelrod
Customer Success Manager
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