By Brian Williams

It’s a sad state of affairs. All over the world, investment firms are working with mediocre Research Management Software — antiquated, slow, and inefficient platforms — with no plans for an upgrade in sight. Why not fix what’s so clearly broken?

Past experiences have soured the data migration process. Many firms believe switching from legacy software to a second-gen RMS would be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating.

With MackeyRMS it doesn’t have to be – we’ve proved that time and time again.

This misconception is costing investment firms hundreds of hours in lost productivity across the enterprise, and leads to morale-lowering tension among researchers as they slog through their workloads using outdated and inefficient systems. The reality is, data migration doesn’t have to be a headache — not when you pick a trusted and right partner.

Here’s what data migration looks like with MackeyRMS: simple, seamless, and 100% buttoned-up under three weeks’ time. All of the heavy-lifting and work is completed without hefty requirements from your firm.

How is that possible? We leverage our deep industry expertise, having completed exports from every legacy vendor, multiple proprietary RMS solutions, shared drives, individual computers, and Evernote notebooks.

Our team has tackled major projects — we’re talking migrations including close to 1TB of data, spanning two decades. This is not our first RMS rodeo. Heck, it’s not our first rodeo, period. We have experience migrating from Outlook, SharePoint, shared drives and filesystems, Evernote, Lotus Notes, OneNote, internal systems, and a wide variety of third-party applications. If you have it, we can import it.

Here’s a short video explaining how we do it:

When you switch from a legacy RMS provider to MackeyRMS, we handle all the heavy-lifting. Customers literally do nothing aside from a single communication requesting their own data. To dig a little deeper into what we mean by that, here’s a breakdown of what we request from investment firms that make the switch, and what we take care of on our end:

Customer To-Do List

  1. Contact your current provider to request your firm’s historical data, data that is rightfully yours. To make this step even simpler, we provide the exact technical language to use in the request.
  2. There is no step 2 – Step 1 is seriously it. The onus is entirely on us.

MackeyRMS To-Do List

  1. We receive and transfer the data to a secure location. We conform to all firm policies, whether that’s an upload to a secure fileserver, or an in-person exchange.
  2. From there, our team gets to work on your import. During the import, we:
    1. Process, decipher, and inspect the data and file structure.
    2. Inspect the integrity of the provided data by ensuring all data is present, legitimate, and includes all historical content.
    3. Complete MD5, file, and database checks to ensure all data is accounted for.
    4. Import legacy software data into our Mackey database, creating notes, tags, and handling all of your file attachments.
    5. Ensure all styling, content, properties, and markup from the original system are kept intact on MackeyRMS.
    6. Overcome limitations/exclusions of legacy extract tools. This includes when vendors lack support for versioned documents that currently only have the most recent version extracted, embedded image handling, and title reconciliation. We reconcile all issues with communication, proprietary tools and scripts, and in full transparency; remember, it’s your data first and foremost.
  3. We let the customer review our work and approve it to finalize the migration.
  4. If, for one reason or another, a firm decides to run both legacy software and MackeyRMS concurrently for a period of time, we review a second iteration of the data import to confirm the final transition is seamless.

Not a single finger is lifted by our customers; the investment team continues to work uninterrupted. We do all of the heavy-lifting, the sanitization, and work through a review to give you a full RMS experience from day one. We prove definitively that we have all of your data, custom workflow, and content from your old system.

If it seems like the responsibility and work on your end is next-to-nothing, that’s because it is.

You provide us with the data and our team handles the rest. In just three weeks, your team is empowered to achieve record benchmarks, mobility, and efficiency with a second-generation RMS custom-tailored to your needs.

Ready to make the switch? Contact us today to get started. We look forward to serving you.