By Brian Williams

As the enterprise leader in Research Management Software, your security concerns are always top-of-mind. At MackeyRMS, we are pleased to support Single Sign-On (SSO) with providers of all shapes and sizes. Covering Microsoft, Okta, Duo, JumpCloud, bring your Identity Management up to speed with your Research Management.

The benefits of single sign-on extends far beyond security. An immediate improvement to the user experience is realized, as we reduce password fatigue and lessen the daunting challenge of juggling another pair of credentials. This seamless and efficient experience provides users with a single password for MackeyRMS and their other enterprise applications. Our focus is on saving users time and effort. Spend more time on your research, and less on mundane technical tasks, like remembering a password.

Most importantly, security and compliance receives an immediate boost with enterprise authentication and authorization policies. The SSO technology gives IT clear visibility into identity and rights management and permission; your firm’s data is always safe and secure.

Single sign-on knocks it out-of-the-park in all areas: it provides a drastically improved user experience, but gives more control to IT and compliance. It’s cost-effective (less helpdesk tickets for lost passwords), yet provides better protection against malicious access attempts to what’s important: your research.

Gone are the days of legacy RMS, or sharing files and collaborating in shared drives and email; why should password management remain a relic of a bygone era? It’s time to ditch the juggling of passwords, a problem that users, IT, and compliance all struggle with day in, day out.

Let us help you improve the user experience, but most importantly provide the entire enterprise with encrypted and secure access management to keep your data safe.

About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS™ is SaaS-based research management software optimized for investment professionals. Highly automated and ultra-portable, MackeyRMS works with users’ existing devices and applications to aggregate and organize research content.