By Will Keuper

RMS was once considered a luxury — a powerful tool only those with large budgets could spring for. But the fundraising environment has become increasingly challenged and funds are taking compliance oversight even more seriously - rightfully so. In today’s highly regulated and fast-paced environment, investment management funds increasingly depend on RMS platforms in order to gain a competitive edge while remaining compliant.

RMS, when deployed correctly, can be the easiest way to establish a system of books and records that outlines preliminary research and justifies investment decisions. This digital paper trail is a key component to retaining existing investors, attracting new ones, and passing a surprise audit with flying colors.

Big Firms Started it and Spin-Offs Followed Suit

While larger hedge funds were the early adopters of RMS technology, smaller funds were quick to see its advantages and follow suit. RMS provides for more powerful research capabilities with greater transparency — which is what both regulators and investors demand.

In fact, many institutional investors such as pensions, foundations, and fund of funds are chief proponents of RMS because they use the software themselves. As hedge fund managers seek to raise more capital with new investors, they point to their RMS as proof of process — with many including an explanation of their software and its capabilities directly in their pitch deck.

Considering the core benefits, it’s not surprising that most fund managers who spin out and establish their own funds make RMS a priority from day one.

The Question Isn’t Whether to Go with an RMS — It’s Which One to Choose

Now that RMS is becoming a necessity for firms that wish to remain relevant in the current investment climate, the only question that remains is which provider to go with. This is a big choice, with the ultimate decision impacting a fund’s research process in a big way. Choosing correctly will result in greater efficiency and time-savings; choosing incorrectly will leave analysts saddled with a convoluted system that slows them down and ultimately costs everyone time and money.

Choosing the appropriate RMS for your firm requires careful consideration of the available options and extensive research. Luckily, that’s what successful hedge fund managers do best.

Flawed Logic Slowing Some Firms Down

Not all RMS providers are created equal. As with any emerging technology, the playing field of developers is riddled with pretenders. Too many vendors set out to create a one-size-fits-all platform they can build once and profit from thereafter. The flaw in this system is that it requires investment management funds to change their work style to fit into the software’s mold - when it needs to work the other way around.

The Mackey Difference

When we started MackeyRMS in 2011, we expected a couple of things to come to fruition:

  1. The investment management industry making the overdue transition to web-based and mobile-first applications
  2. RMS becoming a ‘Day One’ Solution

So far we’ve been proven correct. MackeyRMS is fully customizable and tailored to fit the needs of unique funds and investors. The platform isn’t stuffed with bells and whistles that ultimately slow the user down — it gets the job done efficiently, and seamlessly integrates with users’ existing applications. As new needs arise, the software is flexible. It can be adapted to take on new tasks, whether to meet new regulatory requirements or to implement your firm’s new initiative.

Where our competitors take a one-size-fits-all approach, we create RMS that is as unique as the clients it’s designed to serve. Our platform is designed from the ground up with the unique nature of each new client in mind. We embrace challenging requests — in fact, we thrive on them. Our team consists of experienced industry veterans, and we invite you to put them to the test!

Get Exactly What You’re Looking For

Contact us to talk about your unique requirements. We look forward to fulfilling your research management needs — and to saving your team time and energy, while making you look good in front of regulators and potential investors.

About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS™ is the leading provider of SaaS-based research management software for investment professionals. Highly automated and ultra-portable, MackeyRMS works with users’ existing devices and applications to aggregate and organize research content. For more information, please visit