In the asset management and hedge fund sectors, things move quickly and firms always need to be adapting to change. This is especially true in the way analysts work; they want to use their own devices and applications, in the office or on-the-go.

At Mackey RMS, we work the way today’s analysts work, providing tools that seamlessly fit in to their workflow and device usage, rather than make them adapt to something they don’t want. We also understand that no two funds are the same, which is why we place a major emphasis on customization.

In our ongoing efforts to embrace change and not be content with the status quo, we’ve recently made significant enhancement to our platform, which we’re delighted to share with you here.



We aim to fit into your workflow, not the other way around. That’s why we’re always integrating with more devices and applications than anyone else. We’ve just added integrations with Box and OneDrive, so users of these cloud storage services can easily sync stored files to the Mackey RMS platform. This is important as these services become even more central to how today’s modern analyst works.

Crucially, we’ve also added integration with the messaging and collaboration tool Slack. Slack is quickly becoming a standard part of the daily workflow, and indeed some firms even require its usage for internal communication and collaboration.

We’ve also added the ability for iOS users to now push content from any app that has a ‘share to’ feature to the RMS from an iPhone or iPad device.

These integrations are of course in addition to our many existing ones, such as Outlook email and calendar, Excel, Adobe, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Web Clipper and Evernote, among others. And as we have the ability to work with any API, our data migration team works with clients to ingest all variety of content on ad hoc basis if it falls outside our standardized integrations.


Being able to mine and analyze large amounts of data quickly is critical in the financial world. That’s why we’ve also rolled out new analytics and advanced visualization tools designed to help clients extract the maximum intelligence from their data.

These tools will help our clients make more informed decisions and get the most value out of data. Due to our best-in-class mobility, usability, integrations, and automation, we can offer our clients a more complete and real-time data set than any other RMS provider. With that in mind, we’re setting out to tell clients more about their data. If your holdings consist of 80% technology names, but you’re spending all day researching, creating, and consuming content related to healthcare, that can be a problem, one you may not even realize. Through our robust analytics, our platform can let you know.

Easy-to-use visualizations tools also will deliver such insights in a highly consumable fashion. No more poring through rows of spreadsheets; instead attractive charts and graphics will provide actionable insights. Additionally, our analytics seamlessly tie into existing alerts functionality, such as via email, mobile push alerts, in-app alerts and Slack, as well as our daily email digest.


Additionally, we’ve jumped on the social bandwagon in order to increase collaboration. New social features for liking or disliking entries to the RMS allow clients to more easily gauge team reactions to individual research ideas and contributions in real-time, and the feature will also feed into some new analytics tools we’re offering. This again is part of our ongoing commitment to offer tools to people for the way they want to work, and how they live their lives.

We’re very excited about these new features, but of course the innovation doesn’t stop here. We’re always working to make sure the Mackey RMS platform meets the needs of funds today and in the future.